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Optimal Compounding Method and High Temperature Resistance of Waste Glass Concrete--LI Bixiong, ZHANG Zhibo, ZHU Yage, LIU Xing [103]

Seismic Performance Test of Expansive Polystyrene Granule Cement Latticed Concrete Wall with Diagonal Bracing--LI Xiaojun, CAO Xinyu, TANG Baizan, DENG Xiaofang [94]

Experiment of Fractal Characteristics of Acoustic Emission of Sandstone Under Triaxial Cyclic Loading and Unloading--WANG Wei, WANG Tao, XIONG Defa, CHEN Liang, ZHANG Haiyang, ZHU Qizhi [86]

Numerical Analysis of Uplift Bearing Mechanism for Shallow Circular or Helical Anchor Plate in Sand--HAO Dongxue, YUAN Chi, CHEN Rong, ZHANG Xin, SHI Danda, KONG Gangqiang [108]

Rainfall Networks Optimization in Small Catchment of Loess Plateau Based on Information Entropy--DING Wenfeng, HAN Haoyu, WANG Xiekang, GUO Yiwei, WANG Yiran [69]

Particle Image Techniques for Measuring Instantaneous Bed Shear Stress in Open Channel Flows--CHEN Qigang, WANG Zhongxiang, DUAN Yanchong, ZHONG Qiang, HUANG Lei, LI Danxun [81]

Temperature Effect of Simply Supported Composite Box Girder with Corrugated Steel Webs and Composite Deck--WANG Li, LIU Shizhong, LI Ziqi, HUANG Jiaojiao, DING Wanpeng [115]

Analytical Solution to Flow Field Around an Axisymmetric Filled Drainage Hole--ZHANG Shuai, YE Fei, HU Chao, ZHENG Shuang, FU Wenxi [68]

Stability Deterioration Mechanism and Sensitive Parameter Analysis of Dangerous Rock Mass Under Freeze-thaw Cycles--DENG Zhengding, ZHAN Xingxin, SHU Jiajun, YANG Shikou, CAO Maosen [73]

Limit Analysis of Bearing Capacity of CFRP Confined High Strength Concrete Filled Steel Tube Stub Columns Under Axial Compression--LI Song, JIAO Chujie, HE Songsong, LIANG Jian, LI Hongyu [103]

Analytical Solution for One-dimensional Consolidation of Double-layered Soil Under Combined Action of Load and Electro-osmosis--ZONG Mengfan, LI Chuanxun, WU Wenbing, TIAN Yi, LIANG Rongzhu, MEI Guoxiong [77]

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