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Impact of Climate Change and Irrigation on the Reference Crop Evapotranspiration in Dujiangyan Irrigated Area
(College of water conservancy and hydropower, Sichuan University)
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中文摘要: 摘 要:为解决气候变化与灌溉对区域参考作物蒸散量(ET0)的影响问题,利用Penman-Monteith公式计算都江堰灌区5个站点60a逐日ET0,定性定量研究了气候变化与灌溉对灌区ET0的影响。结果表明:近60a灌区ET0总体呈降低趋势;各气候变量对ET0的敏感性依次为相对湿度、平均温度、日照时数、风速,风速、日照时数的降低是ET0下降的主要原因,灌区建设前后相比,遂宁站风速的下降趋势远大于全国风速的下降趋势,灌溉主要使区域风速显著下降;在春、夏、秋、冬、主要作物生长期,ET0变化的主控因素分别为平均温度、相对湿度、平均温度、相对湿度和相对湿度;灌区灌溉与气候变化对ET0影响分别为49.97% 、50.03%,因此,气候变化与灌溉是引起灌区ET0变化的重要原因。
Abstract:Abstract: In order to distinguishing the impacts on climate change and irrigation on reference crop evapotranspiration (ET0), the daily ET0 estimated by Penman-Monteith equation in 5 meteorological stations of Dujiangyan Irrigated Area were used to analyze the trend of ET0. The result showed that: in recent 60 years, the ET0 in the area had a downward trend as a whole, Relative humidity was the most sensitive to ET0 in these climate variables, and mean air temperature was the second, sunshine duration and wind speed were lower. In recent 60 years, the reduce of wind speed and sunshine duration was the main reason of the declining of ET0. Compared with the prior to the construction of irrigation area and irrigation area expansion period, the down trend of wind speed was far higher than that nationwide, so the influence of irrigation on local climate of the area realized by reducing wind speed in the area. In spring, summer, autumn, winter, and the main crop growth period, the main control factors of ET0’s change were mean air temperature, relative humidity, mean air temperature, relative humidity and relative humidity. The influence of irrigation and climate change on ET0 in Dujiangyan Irrigation Area were respectively 49.97% and 50.03%, so climate change and irrigation were important factors to influence ET0 in the irrigation area.
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jiayue,cuiningbo.Impact of Climate Change and Irrigation on the Reference Crop Evapotranspiration in Dujiangyan Irrigated Area[J].Advanced Engineering Sciences,2016,48(Z1):69-79.