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Advanced Design and Motion Plan of an Improved Inspection Robot Running Across Obstacles
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投稿时间:2015-04-19    修订日期:2015-07-19
中文摘要: 沿地线巡检机器人因其视野开阔等优点,在高压输电线路巡检中得到了广泛的研究与应用,如何安全有效地越过地线金具障碍是其研究重点和难点。本文基于穿越越障方式对巡检机器人进行了改进设计,并针对此种越障方式,对地线线路上的防震锤、悬垂线夹及耐张杆塔等线路金具进行了结构改造,采用仿真软件对易出现应力集中的悬垂线夹结构进行了强度校核以保证机器人的安全运行。同时,针对本文的机器人结构设计特点和改造后的线路金具特点,对机器人的越障动作做出了合理的规划。在武汉大学机器人试验场搭建1:1的高压输电线路试验平台,对巡检机器人的越障性能和效率进行了测试,结果表明,该巡检机器人能够顺利穿越架空地线上改造后的防震锤、悬垂线夹和干字型耐张杆塔等障碍物,相较于以往的巡检,具有更高的效率和安全性,且可穿越以往机器人不能越过的干字型杆塔障碍。
Abstract:The inspection robot along the ground wire has been widely studied and applied to the detection for high voltage transmission line because of its significant advantage of extensive vision. Since the inspection robot could not go through the ground wire fittings directly, it was a significant challenge to study the way for the robot to navigate these obstacles. Basing on the comprehensive considerations of the structure characteristics of the ground line fittings, the reconstruction schemes for the damp, the suspension clamp, and the top of tension tower have been proposed in this paper. The strength calculation of the reconstructed suspension clamp has also been checked. A new inspection robot with the integrated structure designate method has been implemented. The motion plan for the robot to run across obstacles was also proposed by considering the characteristics of the reconstructed obstacle fittings. In order to test the reliability and efficiency of the robot to navigate these obstacles, an experimental system with 1:1 of practical high voltage transmission line and ground wire fittings was established in the experiment field at Wuhan University. The obstacle negotiation test results showed that the inspection robot ran safely and had higher efficiency to cross the ground line fittings, which were reconstructed according to the schemes proposed in this paper.
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he yuan.Advanced Design and Motion Plan of an Improved Inspection Robot Running Across Obstacles[J].Advanced Engineering Sciences,2015,47(6):157-164.