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Effect of Electro-heating Impact on Shrinkage Densification of Multi-physics Fields Coupling Sintering
(1.School of Manufacturing Sci. and Eng.,Sichuan Univ.,Chengdu 610065,China);2.School of Manufacturing Sci. and Eng.,Sichuan Univ.)
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投稿时间:2012-12-19    修订日期:2013-02-26
中文摘要: 多物理场耦合烧结是一种粉末材料低温烧结快速致密化的新方法,为研究快速升温过程中的电热冲击对多物理场耦合烧结收缩及致密化的影响,以纯Fe粉为研究对象,利用Gleeble-1500D热模拟机,将Fe粉压坯以50℃/s的升温速度快速加热至825℃,不保温,然后冷却至400℃,随后分别以相同的升温速度和冷却速度在400℃至825℃的范围内共进行5次电热冲击,并与传统真空烧结法进行了烧结致密化对比。研究发现,多物理场耦合烧结时在快速升温的电热冲击过程中压坯在较低温度时即出现急剧收缩,在825℃的最高温度下经过2分钟的电热冲击循环,粉末压坯即实现了烧结致密化,烧结体的相对密度为97.55%;而传统真空烧结时,在1125℃的烧结温度保温60分钟,烧结体的相对密度为85.70%。结果表明,与传统的高温长时间的烧结保温方式相比,多物理场耦合烧结的电热冲击方式是实现粉末材料快速烧结致密化的一条新途径。
Abstract: The multi-physics fields coupling sintering is a novel method for preparing components fast sintered under low temperature with powder materials. In order to investigate the electro- heating impact on shrinkage and densification of multi-physics fields coupling sintering during the rapid heating process, suppressed pure Fe cylinder sample was firstly heated to 825℃ at the preset heating rate of 50℃/s , and then cooled down to 400℃ without heat preservation. After that, the sample was heated at the same heating rate and cooled again between 825℃ and 400℃ for 5 cycles. The whole process was carried out by Gleeble-1500D thermal simulation instrument. Further, the sample was compared with those of traditional vacuum sintering. It is demonstrated that for the multi-physics fields coupling sintering the sample appeared severe contraction at low temperature during the fast temperature rising due to the heating shock. After 2 minutes' electro-heating impact cycle, the powder compact has been realized to relative density of 97.55%, compared with traditional vacuum sintering technology where the powder compact was sintered at 1125℃, the holding time was 60 minutes, the relative density is 85.70%. Finally, it can be concluded that the heating impact of multi-physics fields coupling sintering was a new method to realize density in comparison with the long holding time traditional vacuum sintering.
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Wu Ming-Xia,Yang Gang,Yang Yi,Yin De-Qiang,Yang De-Fang.Effect of Electro-heating Impact on Shrinkage Densification of Multi-physics Fields Coupling Sintering[J].Advanced Engineering Sciences,2013,45(Z1):154-157.