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(1.四川大学 水利水电学院;2.中国矿业大学 深部岩土力学与地下工程国家重点实验室;3.中国矿业大学(北京) 煤炭资源与安全开采国家重点实验室;4.四川大学 高分子科学与工程学院;5.中国矿业大学 安全学院)
Unconventional Theories and Strategies for Fracturing Treatments of Shale Gas Strata
(1.School of Water Resource and Hydropower,Sichuan Univ.;2.State Key Lab. for Geomechanics and Deep Underground Eng.,China Univ. of Mining and Technol.;3.State Key Lab.of Coal Resources and Safe Mining,China Univ. of Mining and Technol.;4.School of Polymer Sci. and Eng.,Sichuan Univ.;5.School of Safety Eng.,China Univ. of Mining and Technol.)
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中文摘要: 近十多年来美国页岩气的成功大规模开发,在世界范围内掀起了一场“新能源革命”。中国页岩气资源丰富,储量位居世界第一。但是中国页岩储层埋深大,成藏条件复杂,构造运动剧烈,页岩板块零碎,特别是西北华北等页岩气储量丰富的地区严重缺乏水资源,页岩储层后期改造困难,页岩气开发的难度和复杂程度都超过美国。为此提出了非常规页岩气开发理论与技术构想,通过分形重构实现页岩中油气储运的精细描述,利用高能热力耦合气体使页岩脆化并产生高度体破裂,在此基础上提出了页岩储层压裂改造的气动脆裂技术和高分子中空热胀支撑剂技术,以上理论与技术构想将为中国页岩气开发特别是贫水缺水地区的页岩气开发探索新途径。
Abstract:In recent years,the U.S. has successfully launched an extensive exploitation of shale gas, revolutionizing a new energy industry in the world. China is abundant of shale gas with the largest reserves in the world. However, China’s shale gas reservoirs are deeply buried featuring complicated forming environment, violent tectonic movement and fragmentary plates. Especially, the northwest and north China regions, i.e. the shale-gas-rich areas, severely lack water supply, where implementing reservoir stimulation is extremely intractable and, consequently, recovering shale gas is much more difficult and complicated than recovering in the U.S.To treat the challenges, a few innovative theories and strategies for unconventional shale gas exploitation were proposed.The fractal reconstruction theory was established to accurately describe the storage and transportation of the resources in shale rock. The high energy thermal-mechanical coupled air fracturing technology was proposed to embrittle shale rock producing a rich fracture of rock body. Upon these, the technology so-called air-driving fracturing and the thermal-expansion polymer proppant were developed for the fracturing stimulation of shale gas reservoirs,providing a foundation of the exploitation theories and techniques for exploiting shale gas in the water-shortage regions of China.
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Xie Heping,Gao Feng,Ju Yang,Fu Qiang,Zhou Fubao.Unconventional Theories and Strategies for Fracturing Treatments of Shale Gas Strata[J].Advanced Engineering Sciences,2012,44(6):1-6.