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(1.水力学与山区河流开发保护国家重点实验室;2.四川省农田水利局,四川 成都 610015;3.贵州宏福实业开发有限总公司,贵州 福泉 550501;4.四川大学 水力学与山区河流开发保护国家重点实验室,四川 成都 610065)
Simulation the Influences of Tailings Stack on Groundwater by an Unstructured FVM Model
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投稿时间:2008-06-12    修订日期:2008-09-24
中文摘要: 为了评价复杂地质区域矿产资源开发后的废弃物堆积场对地下水的影响,需要准确掌握区域地下水位在废弃物堆积场作用下的空间变化规律。能够反映复杂地质条件、计算稳定、精度较高的数值模拟模型开发尤为重要,为此提出了全隐式非构造网格有限体积(FVM)地下水模拟模型。在贵州某化工企业尾矿堆场的实际应用中,通过模拟成果与钻孔资料对比分析,验证了该数值模拟模的可行性与精度;通过有无尾矿堆场的模拟结果对比分析,弄清了尾矿堆场对区域地下水的影响情况;结果表明,基于非构造网格有限体积地下水数值模拟模型适宜于复杂区域型地下水模拟或污染源对地下水的影响评价。
Abstract:The wastes of mining resources usually have very large quantities, in which the granular size of the wastes is very fine and the moinsture contents or proceesing water are very high. Because of chemical compounds in the processing water, serious environmental problems, surface and subsurface water contaimination will be resulted from the leakage of proceesing water if the stack of the wastes is not treated properly. Due to the key functions of groundwater in the environmental systems, the assessment of tailings stacks on the impact of groundwater will be of great importances. However, structured grid in the numerical simulation models will not be appropriate to match the irregular inner and outer boundaries To evaluate the influences of tailing stacks of mining industries on the groundwater in complicated geological regions,it is necessary to understand the spatial variations of groundwater under the impacts of the tailing stacks. The development of numerical models capable of reflecting the geological complexity, with high stability and accuracy is very important. Therefore, in this paper, a completely implicit finite volume method (FVM) based on unstructured grid systems has been proposed. A case study was carried out in Guizhou province of China. The feasibility and accuracy of the numerical model have been validated through a comparison made between the simulated results and the data of boring holes. The influences of tailing stack in Guizhou on the regional groundwater have been revealed by comparing the spatial differences of groundwater with and without the impact of the tailing stack. Results indicate that the numerical model proposed is adapt for the groundwater simulation or the assessment of pollutants on the regional groundwater.
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Zhang Xin-hua,王华,严瑞平.Simulation the Influences of Tailings Stack on Groundwater by an Unstructured FVM Model[J].Advanced Engineering Sciences,2009,41(1):14-20.