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(四川大学 材料科学与工程学院,四川 成都 610065)
Research Development of Rare-Earth Type and Vanadium-Titanium-based Hydrogen Storage Alloys and Ni/MH Batteries
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中文摘要: 介绍了利用四川省稀土钒钛优势资源研究开发稀土、钒钛贮氢合金及镍氢电池的进展情况。成功开发了:1)无钕贮氢合金,所制备出的镍氢电池不仅常温综合性能优良,且可在-30 ℃下放电,比普通镍氢电池在电动车等用镍氢电池上更有优势;2)低温无钕贮氢合金和性能优良的宽温区(–40 ℃~+55 ℃)镍氢电池,对我国国防、寒冷及特殊行业的应用意义重大;3)吸放氢性能优良的V-Ti-Cr-Fe系列合金,采用廉价的80VFe中间合金解决了添加金属V带来的高昂成本的问题,可作为车用燃料电池的氢源载体。研究发现温度和钯对钒的放电性能有重要影响,结果表明这种合金在温度不超过80 ℃的加热条件下有可能成为高能量密度的一次或二次镍氢电池负极材料。无钕系列贮氢合金的开发成功对于缓解我国长期存在的稀土资源利用不平衡的突出矛盾有重要意义。
中文关键词: 贮氢合金  镍氢电池  低温  宽温  稀土  钒钛  
Abstract:The research development of RE type and V-Ti based hydrogen storage alloys and Ni/MH batteries, applying predominant resources of RE, V and Ti in Sichuan province, made by the colleagues in the school of materials science and engineering of Sichuan University, were introduced. After years of work, the following achievements were obtained: 1) A series of Nd-free hydrogen storage alloys were developed, and Ni/MH batteries made from them show excellent comprehensive performance both under room and low temperatures. For example, these kinds of batteries applied in the electric bicycles discharge more than others under -30 ℃. 2) Low temperature hydrogen storage alloys and broad temperature range (–40 ℃~+55 ℃) Ni/MH batteries with excellent properties were successfully developed. It is of significance to national defense, frigidity areas and special industries.3) A series of V-Ti-Cr-Fe hydrogen storage alloys with eminent absorption and desorption properties were successfully developed, in which cheap intermediate alloy 80VFe was introduced. Thus the problem of the high cost brought by pure V was solved. This kind of materials is promising to be the hydrogen carrier in fuel cells on board. 4) It is demonstrated that temperatures and Pd affect greatly on the discharge capacities of V. It indicates that this kind of alloys is promising to become the negative materials of primary or secondary Ni/MH batteries with high energy density at or below 80 ℃. The above successful development of Nd free hydrogen storage alloys is important to solve partly the problem of the unbalance application of the rare earth resources, which exists there for a long time in China.
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.Research Development of Rare-Earth Type and Vanadium-Titanium-based Hydrogen Storage Alloys and Ni/MH Batteries[J].Advanced Engineering Sciences,2006,38(5):1-6.