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Influence of the Anisotropy of a Transversely Isotropic Foundation on Additional Stress Fields
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中文摘要: 在重力的作用下,岩层和土层往往呈现横观各向同性。本文基于横观各向同性双材料基本解,发展了横观各向同性地基弹性场的分析方法,并编写了相应的Fortran程序。该方法能分析加载域为任意形状和荷载为非均匀分布的半无限地基问题,并且能获得很高的计算精度。采用建议方法分析了法向或切向均布力作用下平行与垂直层面方向弹性模量、剪切模量和泊松比的各向异性对矩形基底中心点与角点下附加应力的影响。结果表明:弹性模量的各向异性仅对法向均布力时中心点与角点下的附加应力有明显影响;剪切模量的各向异性除对角点下平行层面的附加应力基本无影响外,其它均影响明显;泊松比的各向异性为基本无影响。
Abstract:The transversely isotropic property of rock and soil layers can be shown in their deformation and strength properties because of the action of gravity. A numerical method and its corresponding Fortran codes were developed for assessing the additional stress and displacement fields in transversely isotropic foundation. The proposed method is based on the fundamental solutions for two joined transversely isotropic solids and integrates it over the distributed load by the use of a two-dimensional numerical integration after discretizing the loading area into a limited number of 8-noded isoparametric elements. The proposed method can be used for the analysis of half-space foundations with arbitrary loading areas and uniformly distributed loads, and very high computational accuracy can be obtained. Then with the use of the computer program, the influence of anisotropy was analyzed on the additional stress below the rectangular base due to a normal or tangential load case. Results show that the anisotropy of Poisson’s ratio has almost no effect on the additional stress. The anisotropy of elastic modulus exerts an obvious influence only under a normal load case. Except for the additional stress parallel to the isotropy below the corner point, the anisotropy of shear modulus all has an obvious influence.
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wang bingjun.Influence of the Anisotropy of a Transversely Isotropic Foundation on Additional Stress Fields[J].Advanced Engineering Sciences,2015,47(6):40-48.